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07 6.0
fuel pump relay 4.3 volts to the pump
( I’m gunna by pass it)

but when I hit the pump w power probe it dont turn on also!

has any one ever seen a relay smoke a pump? I can’t believe they are both gone????

furthermore have a TCC code ( symptoms match) can’t find part number or diag any where on where the TCC is in the tranny! Any help would be great I don’t want to dump a ton of money chasing this stuff if any one has come across it

TCC- blew tranny line 3 weeks ago ran dry filled back up fixed line ran fine for 3 weeks… then TCC symptoms slowly started now it’s deff locked out… have scans

text 617.780.2680
[email protected] for more info!

me and 3 other techs and all data can’t figure out where the best place to start is

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Be careful bypassing the fuel pump relay. There are safety features built in (timed shut-down when the motor isn't running is just one of them).

If you can't get the pump to run with direct 12V power, then I would say that you have an issue with the pump. As far as the fuel pump relay, I would want to see what voltage you have at each relay pin at 1) Key-off; 2) Key-on; and 3) cranking (ie key in start)

Why do you say you have a code, but don't post the code number?
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