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I have a 2002, with 165,000 miles on it, new garret 38R turbo, bellowed uppipes new intercooler boots, new intercooler new intake Y o ring that meets the outlet compressor, New IPR new 3/8 line hose, origional fuel pump. The truck just has hesitation and doesnt seem to take off like it should around 2,000 rpms, Has a steady stream of smoke out of the oil fill cap. I have stock program in it at moment till this is figured out, Also turbomaster wastegate and can get 20lbs of boost WOT in stock program. I have had the valve covers off awhile back and the UVC harness dont appear be damaged. Origional ICP sensor but doesnt have oil in it if I take off the connector. What could be the problem? Low fuel pressure? Injector O rings cause low pressure? Have a new HPOP, good oil, good air filter, Could weak fuel pressure cause all this or ICP sensor? otherwise it has to be injectors or motor weak. Any help Appreciated
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