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High battery drain

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I've been troubleshooting a starting problem on my truck and noticed the batteries were lower than I would expect (11.5v). So I started looking for something that was draining them since the battery were new in Oct. 2015. What I found was fuse #19 was drawing 3 amps, at least by my meter. Fuse #19 is for the security module and 4x4 module. Does anyone know where these modules are located?


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I thought I heard that the 4x4 module was up infront of the glovebox - I know there is something up there, but never really looked at it too hard.

Not sure about the security.

But the GEM might be suspect. If you have had rain, then that is sometimes where the water goes and causes some weird issues. Do you have anything else wired into your true aftermarket?
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