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High EGT's

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I have an early 99 F-350. The EGT's are running higher than they used to with no modifications being done to the truck. I checked to make sure my boot connections are tight but haven't had time to do a pressure test yet. I'm going to verify the EBPV isn't stuck in a slightly closed position (hopefully tonight). If the leak test turns out good and the EBPV is not stuck closed, I was thinking about purchasing a cat delete pipe for testing to see if the cat is causing a restriction. Does anyone have a suggested place to buy a cat delete pipe? Do the experts out there think I'm on the right track? Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.
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You know another thing could be the gauge. I don't know how we could check it though. Maybe somebody else here has figured that one out.

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I checked mine with an Infrared non-contact thermometer from Sears. My guage is reading about 50degF lower than the IR pointed at the same location on the manifold at idle. I havent figure out how to strap someone to the left frame rail underneath the cab in order to check it under load. Assuming that the error is linear, that's close to 15%, which at 1200degF would be 1380 actual.

Also, I have an Autometer guage, which I have come to realize is junk. I have 5 Autometer across two vehicles, and I believe they are all just the cheapest crap available. Next time I am getting a different brand.
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