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High EGT's

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I have an early 99 F-350. The EGT's are running higher than they used to with no modifications being done to the truck. I checked to make sure my boot connections are tight but haven't had time to do a pressure test yet. I'm going to verify the EBPV isn't stuck in a slightly closed position (hopefully tonight). If the leak test turns out good and the EBPV is not stuck closed, I was thinking about purchasing a cat delete pipe for testing to see if the cat is causing a restriction. Does anyone have a suggested place to buy a cat delete pipe? Do the experts out there think I'm on the right track? Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.
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to test the cat, i would just unbolt it off the system and drive it around for a while with no cat. yes it would be loud coming straight off the dp but it would tell u if that was the problem. and the injectors in you sig i have no idea, but are ADs bigger than the stockers? (injector experts will chime in)

hope this helps

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