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Well here's the problem when i'm loaded up 10.5 camper, pulling 18ft trailer loaded approx. 6000lbs pulling a long grade and the pyro temps get around 725 and up but never exceeding 850-875 i get this very high pitched squeel.Back off the throttle it dies down put your foot back in it comes back up.Once you crest the hill and cruise for a mile or two and the pyro temps come back down 550-600 approx.noise goes away.It seems you've got to be into the hill for a couple of miles and the temps over 725 for a bit before the squell comes on,while doing this though there's no loss of power truck pulls real strong,what do you think??(TURBO ON THE WAY OUT??)
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My truck makes the same sound.... but I have to be really working the motor to make it do it..... I have to be pulling my 37' 5er up a good grade for a little bit. I'm pretty sure its something to do with the fan. The CAC couplings is interesting though.... I just put a banks IC on my truck.... so I will see if the truck still does it.
I don't think mine is a boost/exhaust leak.... it seems to cycle.... on for 15 seconds, off for 15 seconds.... like a fan
Bersa.... what brand of belt did you install?
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