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Well here's the problem when i'm loaded up 10.5 camper, pulling 18ft trailer loaded approx. 6000lbs pulling a long grade and the pyro temps get around 725 and up but never exceeding 850-875 i get this very high pitched squeel.Back off the throttle it dies down put your foot back in it comes back up.Once you crest the hill and cruise for a mile or two and the pyro temps come back down 550-600 approx.noise goes away.It seems you've got to be into the hill for a couple of miles and the temps over 725 for a bit before the squell comes on,while doing this though there's no loss of power truck pulls real strong,what do you think??(TURBO ON THE WAY OUT??)
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Mine did the exact same thing. When pulling a long hill and temp comes up and the fan locks in at one to one, the high pitch squeal started. Usually when this happens under high load and torgue and heat it turns out to be the belt. Well, I bought a new belt and when i changed it, I noticed that i had to pull the tensoiner back farther then when i took the old belt off. One other thing i noticed is that on the smooth faced pullys i had rubber built up. I took some scuff pads and cleaned them up. So far so good no squeeling or high pitched noises on long hard pulls. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif
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Mastercraft, you don't have to pull anything off to change the belt. I thought the samething until you really look at it. Start off leaning over the right or passenger side battery and reaching down with a 1/2 inch rachet using the ratchet to release the tensoiner. Take the belt from alternator first, then go under take the belt off the crank and A/C unit, then you pull the belt out through the Alternator and tensioner, working it through the rest of the pullys. It all came out from the right battery side. It is a little tricky, make sure you have the diagram for your set up. I have only one alternator. Have fun
Just came back from the same long haul when last time i had the high pitch squeel. like i said earlier i changed my belt and cleaned up the pullys. NO MORE SQUEELING PULLING LONG VERY STEEP GRADE. Belt $45,skuff pad $1.50, my time and labor $cheap, no more squeel PRICELESS.
Bersa.... what brand of belt did you install?

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I used a NAPA belt. Have fun. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
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