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Well here's the problem when i'm loaded up 10.5 camper, pulling 18ft trailer loaded approx. 6000lbs pulling a long grade and the pyro temps get around 725 and up but never exceeding 850-875 i get this very high pitched squeel.Back off the throttle it dies down put your foot back in it comes back up.Once you crest the hill and cruise for a mile or two and the pyro temps come back down 550-600 approx.noise goes away.It seems you've got to be into the hill for a couple of miles and the temps over 725 for a bit before the squell comes on,while doing this though there's no loss of power truck pulls real strong,what do you think??(TURBO ON THE WAY OUT??)
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I would get that checked. My '05 did the same thing and after 5 quarts of antifreeze to get home and a trip to the dealer, I found out that the head bolts had stretched and the heads were no longer sealing. The high pitched squeel was excess pressure in the cooling system. This also caused my truck to overheat when pulling my 13,000 lb. 5er. Watch your temp and get it in if you have problems.
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