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Thread now painfully long to read through.

High Silica in UOA.

Out of curiosity, do you run Blackstone tests at 10,000 miles?

What are the silica levels?

I don’t know what the silica should be at 25K miles because very few people run 25K mile OCI.

Many people run 10K mile OCI and so there is a good baseline average established.

My own opinion is you need a dual filter bypass filter like I said in my first post.

It is very impressive that you have worked that engine so hard and it does not burn a quart of oil in 25K miles.
All OA results are in the attached OA on page 1.

It doesn't burn a drop, Im very impressed and to say Ford did a great job is a understatement. I do some hauling but Im guessing that only around 20% has anything more than a 1000# Jetski and trailer behind it.

I make a 500 mile round trip at least once a week, daily commute is at least 150 miles and on weekend the truck has more room for wife a kids. This truck doesn't get any rest, very impressed with everything about it.

Thank you for your comments
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