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High speed blow-out on 35"s...

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So...blowing a rear tire at 85 MPH in the hammer lane on the interstate with a slide-in-camper in the bed is...exciting. I can only assume the sensor did not communicate properly with the truck and alert me to a low tire. When it blew, it blew the entire sidewall out. The truck handled it beautifully and I was able to move over to the side of the road with no issue. Now it DID bend my lower quarter panel, break the flare, and rip it most of the way off (you can see the black marks above and behind it).

Long story short, after an adventure in the rural South to locate a full set of tires in stock on a Friday afternoon I now have a new set of BFG KO2s on 17" wheels (higher sidewall for airing down). I am wanting to do a 4.5" lift but retain the load capacity due to hauling around my slide-in camper while improving the off-road ride with good springs and FOX or KING shocks.

What suggestions have yea? Let the festivities commence...

Pictures for reference and comment fodder...

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Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle
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I would venture to say that air pressure was fine at the time. This sucks but it looks like no damage to your truck.Glad you are fine. Another thing check the speed rating for those tires. You don't want that to happen again.
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The stupid thing about the TPMS is it doesn't tell you which tire is low. Chevy does, only good thing about a Chevy though.
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