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hole under drivers seat

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is there a hole under the drivers seat on my truck?? is there isnt can i drill one there from the bottom up? i need a hole there to run my whips cable to my cb which is under my drivers seat behind my feet. i see some wires under the seat but i dont know if they go through the floor. need input thanks!
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I dont know on this one, crawl under and look, you could drill one tho . . . there is a vent panel on the driver side back wall of the cab. I ran my antenna wire in here, then under the plastic on the floor by the door jam, then under the seat to my cb
ok i got my antenna cord through the vent hole..thanks worked great. but how do i wire my cb to the fuse box. in my dodge i could just put it in an unused fuse slot and it work be on when the truck was on but with my ford it wont work. (dont want to run it to the battery)
I wired into the fuse that controls my cigarette lighters. (dont recall fuse off hand, check your manual) That way I can turn it on with the truck off. It works fine in my truck even when using a cell charger or gps charger at the same time, been wired this way two years and havent blown the fuse or had issues. There is probably an auxilylary fuse that can be used the same way I just dont know off hand. Maybe someone can chime in if they know of one? I know for instance whatever fuse the previous owner used for auxillary back up lights, they turn on even with the truck off . . .
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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