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Having the dreaded hot restart issue that I have been seeing a bit here. Trying to narrow some things down before buying parts or having to take it in.

2003 Excursion with some mods, but was working ok for a while then Hot restart issue started hapenning.

Starts fine cold or after sitting for an hour or so.
When hot will crank but won't start.
Looked at ICP while cranking and bounces around well under 500psi (will have to check actual next time around).
Open the hood and let it cool for 15-20 minutes and seems to start up right up, sometimes clean running sometimes a bit rough.
It drives fine, no issues until it's shut off.
Have a T500 HPOP that see a good amount of pressure (3000+ while on it), but when hot and idle hangs around the 500 psi range.

In reading some of the threads seems to a few things show up but trying to find some way to hone in on what might be the issue. Here is what typically I found, but not sure of how accurate it might be for my case -

ICP bad, gets hot doesn't work (But works fine while driving???)
IPR Stuck open

Injector O-Rings leaking (They have about 10k miles on them, but have been in and out at least once due to issues when rebuilding the engine a while back)
Cam Sensor

ICP and IPR are both Ford and were replaced about 10k with the rebuild job (I bought them both from RiffRaff Diesel).

Have not seen any check engine lights ever come on, batteries and starter crank fast, truck hauls a$$ otherwise.

What should I start checking to see what the problem is. I have Torque on my phone so can see a bunch of data if that helps.

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