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So how we doin?

Post TSB results.

Flash only?
Mental recall of all related lowered eye contact from middle aged management.

Valve service? Please report mechanics notes on R.Os , what were findings, experience and body weight.

LASTLEY , Please in this TSB RESULT SERVEY, please post prior and post miles.

Nah, y'all ain't getting off that easy.... This is objective... As contained in my essays on 6.7 thermal exhaust valve stiction regen problem essays, there are many factors that can create this condition in this super high performance, built up to the ragged edge of what the materials can handle and be one quiete, powerful engine that lives on modern expectation of emissions. It's where we need to be. Sometimes when we are in a new area, there are rough edges and pitfalls.
Love hate emissions. Believe in climate change, disbelieve. We are here!
Guess what? Was there way way back in this game...

ITS AWESOME NOW! But but .. No, unless you were living, let alone grinding it out back in the old days to present, you really might not know the true awesomeness of the machine you own.
Yep!, still Nick
With exceptional engineering, then to MANUFACTURING to...........Assembly.... Major things can and do go south ( no pun intended ), with such an advanced sum results of multi national, multi corporate engineering insights.... This while sounds like...hmm, that's sketchy, and it is indeed my friend but without it, you would not experience the awesomeness of that engine, nor would the repair/ maintanance industry, our water, our lungs, our neurological systems. It is all connected as we are.

We all agree on certain things.... Others not so much.
We all agree we love our trucks..the rest is just semantics in personality temperament while moving together as a group that stays grounded in the mission of helping each other, driving service excellence to keep things as planned..... One AWESOME motor; reliable clean, powerful..

We seem to be back on track after TSB?
Let's us know.

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