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How can I fit 35's

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I want to put 35's on my 03. Do I have to lift the whole truck, just use a leveling kit or what? What is the biggest tire I can run stock and how big with a leveling kit? What is the best leveling kits?
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If you only want to put on a leveling kit and run 35" tall tires, you'll have to look closely for a narrow tall tire. At some point lock to lock you will most likely rub. Just about everyone agrees that for 35" tires you will need at least 4" of lift. The flip side is that you could go with the cutout fender flares. The flares will also help you cover the tires if you go with wider tires.
Look up my pictures in the photo section (I have yet to learn how to link to them) and you will see my truck with the 4.5” lift and 35-12.5X18 tires.
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