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How can I fit 35's

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I want to put 35's on my 03. Do I have to lift the whole truck, just use a leveling kit or what? What is the biggest tire I can run stock and how big with a leveling kit? What is the best leveling kits?
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I've got a 3 inch leveling kit from Edge with 315s, on 16x8s. with only minor rubing on the drivers spring at full left. some day i'll put in some steering stops.

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an adjustable trac bar may cure your rubbing problems also, sounds like your axle is off center. but usually youd rub the passenger side... do you have a relocation bracket?

go with a leveling kit. run either the factory rims or 8" wide and you should be fine. run a 10" wheel and youll rub the fenders front and back...
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