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How do I get the friggin' motor out?

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I'm about to light my torches and cut this van apart!

I'm trying to get the motor out of a '92 E350. There's supposedly a "special ford attachment lift" that makes this job easier, but neither of the 2 Ford dealers here have one. I've even called a few shops around here and they don't have one either. Anybody ever pulled the motor out of one of these things? Whats the magic trick? I don't want to pull the intake & heads b/c the motor runs great - I just need to get it out.
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That doesn't help him very much because that uses the rotunda thing he can't find. I had the same problem, no one had even heard of one.

Anyways, you can do it while leaving the heads on and the intake manifold and the injector pump. Then get the cherry picker in there as close as you can to the engine and strap it to the engine via the lifting hooks on the intake manifold bolts. Then lift her up, inch it out, lift some more, inch out some more until it's out. It'll hit the bottom rail on the front of the van but you'll just have to work it over that. Here are some pictures, maybe they'll help.
scroll down and look at all the pictures.

Notice how close i had to get the cherry picker to the engine...

I used a grade 8 bolt through the cherry picker boom and some heavy duty chain i found at lowes along with a little buckle thing they had there. Make sure if you use the buckling thing that i did that you run the nut up on it all the way or else it'll fail as i found out while installing the engine. Almost dropped it on the ground /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif Someone else was helping me and forgot to run the nut up.

Post back if you have more questions. I pulled this engine out twice within a week or two... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif
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