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How do we know what module/tuner? Maybe I Re-Name "Naked Women Inside"

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I KNOW we're getting close to the point of beating this to death and I KNOW there are more than a couple of threads discussing..........


Can we use this thread to discuss how to pick the best performance option for our trucks when it comes to overall performance, cylinder pressure, puking, etc? Also, and the on-going poll doesn't address this, does it matter if you have a 2005? It's getting really confusing, I even had a performance shop tell me they are not adding any horsepower to the 6.0 because of all the problems.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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Re: How do we know what module/tuner? Maybe I Re-name This "How Not to Puke"

Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions............
I think what we're looking for is information and feedback from those that are running a moderate (100 hp or so) tuner/module with good shifting, no puking, etc. Especially on the 2005 trucks that supposedly have a lot of improvements. There are a lot of random threads but I still think there are more people to hear from. Help us out guys, let's hear some good stories for a change.


1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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