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How do you take a turbo off (need help yesterday)

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91 350 with a ats turbo ,Igot the two bolts on back of the throat off and the down tube,how do you disconnect the turbo from the manifold pipe? is there a hidden bolt or something ?
Its leaking oil under the turbo somewhere and I seen a post of the same problem that <font color="red"> cdnsarguy </font> described but did not say what the cure was so if you could Pm me on how to fix I'd be extremely happy
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So it has slip fit on both sides of the exhaust at the turbo then? what a pain..

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I'm afraid you'll be hard-pressed to find any turbocharged diesel of any size or brand that's not an exhaust pipe to turbo housing slip fit and for good reason.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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