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How do you take a turbo off (need help yesterday)

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91 350 with a ats turbo ,Igot the two bolts on back of the throat off and the down tube,how do you disconnect the turbo from the manifold pipe? is there a hidden bolt or something ?
Its leaking oil under the turbo somewhere and I seen a post of the same problem that <font color="red"> cdnsarguy </font> described but did not say what the cure was so if you could Pm me on how to fix I'd be extremely happy
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Sounds like maybe you have the down pipe off, and the turbo is still mounted?
It is mounted to the exhaust mainfold by 4 bolts. trace where the Exhaust comes into the turbo. It sits on the manifold here. Soak those with some good pb blaster or something. They get hot and are not fun to remove. one is hard to get too also.

That is it. The down pipe, the holder on the back, and the manifold mount.
oh, did not realize that is how the non WG systems worked on the up-pipe side also.
So it has slip fit on both sides of the exhaust at the turbo then?
what a pain in the .....
My Turbo has a slip fit on the exhaust exit, but where the exhaust comes in to drive the turbo it is a bolted flange.
So from what I thought I was hearing... this one has a slip fit at both places? I do not have one like that so I was just curious if that is how it was put together?

1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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