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How do you take a turbo off (need help yesterday)

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91 350 with a ats turbo ,Igot the two bolts on back of the throat off and the down tube,how do you disconnect the turbo from the manifold pipe? is there a hidden bolt or something ?
Its leaking oil under the turbo somewhere and I seen a post of the same problem that <font color="red"> cdnsarguy </font> described but did not say what the cure was so if you could Pm me on how to fix I'd be extremely happy
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You might need to put one of the bolts back in that holds the turbo to the mount and start soaking the slip-fit joint in penetrating oil. Those things are frustrating. The only way I could get mine off was by reversing the crossover pipe and bolting it on to the bottom of the y-pipe, then using it as a lever by kicking it back and forth until the up-pipe broke loose in the turbo inlet.
Your turbo drain grommet is probably leaking. ATS no longer sells the grommet for the non-wastegated turbos.
I am not sure, but I think he's talking about the older non-wastegated ATS that is a slip-fit joint at the up-pipe into the turbo.

So it has slip fit on both sides of the exhaust at the turbo then?
what a pain in the .....

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You don't wanna know. I have had 2 of those systems and have spent several full DAYS trying to separate those pipes from the turbos. Compare that to the wastegated ATS that I have now, which took me a couple hours to pull and put back on start to finish this afternoon...
The older square-boxed 088 ATS non-wastegated sits along the back of the engine parallel to the firewall, and has a one piece y-pipe/up-pipe and slip fit joints into the hot side of the turbo AND the downpipe.

The 093 ATS w/ wastegate and s-shaped airbox sits at a slant across the engine and has separate y-pipe and up-pipes w/ a slip fit between them. The up-pipe then bolts to the turbo at the 4 bolt flange, and has a slip fit at the downpipe.

Course, there's also the even older 085 system, which you don't see too often, but he could have that too.
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