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How far have you gone on a blown head gasket?

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I have an older engine with a blown gasket near back of head (driver side), I think that's cyl 8 area. Squirts out oily air. I drove about 90 miles on it and it didn't seem to change. Temps stayed low, did seem to lose a lot of oil. I plan to retorque the head to 90 or maybe even to 100 ft/lbs and see if it goes away. Anyone ever drive very far on this type problem and this type of fix? I will be replacing the engine soon, but not soon enough to get me and the family 100 miles away for a river trip in Central Oregon this weekend.
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I squeezed the head down a little bit last night. Torqued the head bolts to 85 then 100 ftlbs. Kinda difficult to get the bolts next to the firewall. You'd think Ford would give you another inch to work with back there.

Fired up the truck and the amount of air coming out is a lot less, but still there. It's oily and I wonder how much of the "oil-burning" I'm getting with this engine is simply lost oil from the head gasket problem.

Oh well, the trip will not be done in the F350, it will be done in the Mazda MPV with a handy newly fabricated hitch. BTW - I will be picking up $2600 worth of turbo stuff today for the truck and I have 2 faulty engines. Oh and the go-kart that I made for my kids was stolen last night. Wa wa wa, yeah I know bring in the violins. Pissed:icon_mad:
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