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How far have you gone on a blown head gasket?

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I have an older engine with a blown gasket near back of head (driver side), I think that's cyl 8 area. Squirts out oily air. I drove about 90 miles on it and it didn't seem to change. Temps stayed low, did seem to lose a lot of oil. I plan to retorque the head to 90 or maybe even to 100 ft/lbs and see if it goes away. Anyone ever drive very far on this type problem and this type of fix? I will be replacing the engine soon, but not soon enough to get me and the family 100 miles away for a river trip in Central Oregon this weekend.
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I wouldn't drive it any further that absolutely necessary, as in like a couple of miles tops. I certainly wouldn't risk getting my family stranded 100 miles from home. Or additional engine damage. Head gaskets by themselves are not that expensive.
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Bad part is, of course every case is different, but I've seen more than one engine run for a period of time with a significant head gskt leak and the escaping combustion gases acted like a cutting torch over time and eroded the head and block so badly at the leak site that both were ruined.
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