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how many pounds on the head bolts

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How many Pounds do I torque the heads down on the 7.3 non-turbo[stock] I know the sequence but not the total pounds on the bolts
Thanks K
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Use the torques as posted here but... The first and second sequence is determined by the book. The third and forth follow the line sequence. The starting point bolt is at the left side of the inside of the head at the top in the valve cover. There are only 8 bolts in there. Then drop down to the right side of the head and find the middle row of bolts and start torqueing back towards the left side. Then drop down to the last row of bolts outside of the valve cover at the exhaust ports and torque towards the right side of the head. This pattern is called line sequence and resembles the letter Z. This torque is repeated twice at 100 lbs. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smokin.gif
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