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How much ATF in the transfer case?!?

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The manual, if I read it right, says 2.0 quarts. I remember reading several times online 2.1 quarts is when it should start coming out the fill hole, so I only bought three... I just put in 3 quarts and it was all still going in when I finished.

Do I need more, to reach the fill hole? Am I fine? Too much?!
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Right on glad you are having a good experience with it like I am. I have never heard of anyone putting MTL in their transfer case, just synthetic ATF. I did 4 qts. through my shifter too....but in my case I didn't have a choice..i broke 2 hardened sockets on my tranny fill plug before I gave up /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif


[/ QUOTE ]

just so no one makes a costly mistake... in ryans post he said he is using redline in the transfer, he has already put the MTL in the tranny and he is antsy to run it, but not until he gets his transfer serviced... pardon me for any interuption.....
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