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How much coolant in the block?

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I'm flushing the cooling system and the block plugs absolutely, positively, will not come out with the tools I have at hand. Yes, I could get an impact wrench and coax them out but I don't have one and the pressures of life are such that I need to get this done today. The clean flush water will just have to stay in the system until the next flush, when I'll borrow an impact in advance.

So I want to add coolant and need to know exactly how much water remains in the block (7.3 L) after the system has been otherwise completely drained. THANKS!!
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Thanks, Griz.
Thanks, Dr. Evil.

For the record, I put 19 quarts (carefully measured with a laboratory graduate) of liquid into the system after letting it drain completely. If the cooling system really only holds 22 quarts, then there were only 3 quarts in the block. Perhaps the block can drain partially via the radiator petcock. After running the engine for a few minutes with the heater on, it looks as though the overflow tank would take the better part of another quart to get up to the full line.

By the way, while my cooling system looked very clean when peeking through the top radiator hose, there was quite a bit of dark scum that settled to the bottom of the bucket I used to catch the flush water, which proves that the whole process is certainly worthwhile.
I replaced my pump with one of those $90 ones from Northern Auto and ran some Pencool cleaner in the system for a couple of weeks. I have a Prestone flush connector on the heater hose so I ran clean water through there for about 10 minutes with the engine running and collected samples of the draining water and checked to see that it was clear.

Sorry you only got 156k miles on the factory pump. Cheap Ford junk! ;->
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