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How much coolant in the block?

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I'm flushing the cooling system and the block plugs absolutely, positively, will not come out with the tools I have at hand. Yes, I could get an impact wrench and coax them out but I don't have one and the pressures of life are such that I need to get this done today. The clean flush water will just have to stay in the system until the next flush, when I'll borrow an impact in advance.

So I want to add coolant and need to know exactly how much water remains in the block (7.3 L) after the system has been otherwise completely drained. THANKS!!
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You can drain the driver's side of the block by pulling the block heater.
I always pull the lower radiator hose and flush all that brown crud out of the bottom of the radiator & the block with the garden hose....then run a can of radiator flush I get from My Case/IH ag tractor dealer thru the whole cooling system and then flush everything all over again. It makes quite a mess so I try to do it on warm days.....even if it's January 1st....

Including the quart or two in the degas bottle I thought I put between 28 and 30 quarts in My PSD last time I flushed it. My waterpump is on "borrowed time" already, over 156,000 miles and the factory pump started leaking bad at only 138,000 sometime this summer My truck gets a waterpump, new degas bottle, flushed & refilled. It got all new hoses last flush & refill about 70,000 ago.
Sorry you only got 156k miles on the factory pump. Cheap Ford junk! ;->

[/ QUOTE ]

The 156K is on the Ford rebuild.....factory pump leaked like a sieve at 137,800 miles and was replaced. Next pump is a brand new International. Parts Guy when I picked the pump on the truck up now said about one in three Ford rebuilds didn't last a week. Real comforting thought about something I just spent over $300 on! That's what they cost back in about '99.
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