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How Much Longer Until Diesel Is Phased Out?

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Hello all, first post here. Formalities over, on to business:

In the past few years I've become a fanboy of diesel and turbodiesel engines for old 4x4 restoration projects, but I'm not blind to the fact that diesel is a niche market when compared to petrol, especially in the passenger vehicle segment.

And now governments from England to South Korea are glowering at diesel, with a great many, especially in Europe, looking for ways to actually ban diesel as a fuel altogether. Some in Britain and France are vowing compression engines will be gone from the streets by 2030.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I've only just been converted to the cult!

Calm my fears. Soothe my oilburning soul.

Tell me why diesel will be readily available all over the world as a passenger vehicle fuel for the next twenty years.
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One day you may need to move to India, China, Mexico, etc to get your oil-burner fix.

Those countries could give a darn about the things Western Powers obsess over.

Or maybe buy a helicopter and sneak some of your Jet-A into your vehicles (only joking...this is illegal).

Jet-A will be around for a long, long time!
I'm going to a tech college for this and a couple of my teachers seem to think diesels will end up phasing out gas cars with the next round of EPA regulations and we will become a "diesel hybrid nation" this is here In the u.s.
That has been the general trend until the past 1-2 years. Now the push for cars is small displacement turbo gas. Europe, which had been leading the diesel movement is now moving away from it...and the VW fiasco is a good example why. Not to say you will be out of a job anytime soon :winking:

Heavy Equipment and Commercial applications will be here for your 30-year career.

Good luck in school.
Thanks, I just don't understand why so many people would be all up in arms over it, I mean the same people who bought them were all okay with them until they found out they didn't meet the hard to pass epa regulations. So what?? Still a lot better on the environment than gas motors. But all anybody sees is the black smoke blowing diesels and says oh that's really bad for the environment even though they have no idea about diesels.
Its not the consumer leading the change back to Gas. Its the Gov't EPA. Unfortunately, that black smoke contains Nitrous Oxide.

The Gov't continues to raise the emissions bar higher and car manufacturers are finding they can meet those standards more effectively with gas engines and hybrids. As an example, VW has disclosed that it first started exploring ways to cheat the emission standards way back in 2005 when it designed the "defeat device".

Diesels will be around for a long time...don't worry...overall the new designs are a good thing since the World is manufacturing so many new vehicles today for the Asian market. Ask your Instructors about how much black smoke used to belch out of the stacks 30 years ago! Here is what Delhi, India looks like today (the BBC reports they have 1,400 new vehicles added every day:


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