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How Much Longer Until Diesel Is Phased Out?

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Hello all, first post here. Formalities over, on to business:

In the past few years I've become a fanboy of diesel and turbodiesel engines for old 4x4 restoration projects, but I'm not blind to the fact that diesel is a niche market when compared to petrol, especially in the passenger vehicle segment.

And now governments from England to South Korea are glowering at diesel, with a great many, especially in Europe, looking for ways to actually ban diesel as a fuel altogether. Some in Britain and France are vowing compression engines will be gone from the streets by 2030.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I've only just been converted to the cult!

Calm my fears. Soothe my oilburning soul.

Tell me why diesel will be readily available all over the world as a passenger vehicle fuel for the next twenty years.
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The EPA Tier Regulations started back in 1994 which mainly focused on emissions standards for on-the road diesel engines. Later tier regulations Tier III and IV regulations are more for heavy duty and standby diesel engines. You guys are right though with the VW scandal it is only a matter of time before light duty and medium duty diesels will be phased out for more hybrid models. However, the older stuff will still be grandfathered in which is good news for all of us diesel owners.
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