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How much tile can i haul?

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I have a 2000 crew cab 250 PSD. Can someone give me an aproxomate safe payload weight? I'll be hauling a pallet of floor tile 800 miles..Thanks
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There is three easy ways to look at this; (1) by the book. take your GVW lister on the drivers door I'm guessing yours @ 9,200lbs. subtract the weight of your truck, I'm guessing yours is 7,350lbs. leaves you 1,850lbs. payload. (2) by the gap between the your axle and your overload springs. just load'er up till you happy with how much suspension travel you have.(you should check the suspension gap every time you load your truck.) (3) check your tire's max load when fully inflated, take the total for all for tires and subtract the weight of the truck, then load your truck as close to that number that you feel comfortable. hope this helps SPIKE481
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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