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How much tile can i haul?

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I have a 2000 crew cab 250 PSD. Can someone give me an aproxomate safe payload weight? I'll be hauling a pallet of floor tile 800 miles..Thanks
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Thanks for all the help...the official rating stuff is a little confusing, I needed some REAL WORLD advise...Mike

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Maybe an example will shed some light on the subject.

The sticker on the door of my truck lists the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and the ratings for both the front and rear axles. In order to stay within the manufacturer's rating you must not go above the GVWR, either axle rating, or the tire rating.

GVWR = 8800
Front Axle Rating= 4850
Rear Axle Rating= 6084
Per tire rating @ max PSI = 3100 lb

I took my truck to the scales and here is what it weighs:

Total: 7000 lb
Front: 3000 lb
Rear: 4000 lb

Say I load 1800 lbs so that all the weight sits on the rear axle. My Gross weight is 7000 + 1800 = 8800; Right at the limit. My rear axle is carrying 4000 + 1800 = 5800; Under the limit. The tires are rated for 3100 x 2 = 6200, so I'm ok there since the rear axle is only carrying 5800 lbs.

Will my truck collapse or spontaneously combust if I put 1801 lb back there? Of course not. Will the probability of something bad happening increase with more weight? You bet. Know the limits of the truck and make an educated decision. Don't simply rely on others "REAL WORLD" advice.
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