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If you take pride in how your car is presented, you’ll understand how brown sidewalls can spoil the look of an otherwise stunning car. Despite what you might have originally thought, browning of sidewalls has less to do with them getting dirty and more to do with something known as tire ‘blooming’.

Tire blooming occurs due to anti-ozonants in the tire that act as protective additives. Anti-ozonants prevents runner from drying out, becoming brittle, oxidizing or cracking, making them a vital ingredient in tire manufacturing. Without them, tires wouldn’t last anywhere near as long as we need them to.

Unfortunately, brown sidewalls are the side effect of these anti-ozonants and this effect is generally unavoidable. This is because once the anti-ozonants work their way to the outer surface of the tire, they oxidise due to exposure to air and moisture, which in turn leaves the brown residue that we’re all too used to seeing.

The good news is that removing tire blooming is extremely easy using Autoglym Bodywork Wash & Wax. Begin by hosing away any loose dirt and grim from the tires, then simply dilute the Bodywork Wash shampoo (1 capful into 5 litres of water) then use a wheel brush to agitate the tire wall before hosing away the cleaning solution to reveal a clean tire before sealing with Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing.

It’s important to remember that the brown residue will return over time, but regular cleaning of your tires is easy and can help a great deal in preventing or minimising unsightly brown sidewalls.

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