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How to predict turbo failure

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Just got an oil analysis report back from Blackstone, the second one in 6,000 miles saying that the copper, iron and lead levels indicate a mechanical problem developing.

At 66,000 miles:
Iron 23
Copper 9
Lead 4

At 75,000 miles
Iron 54
Copper 31
Lead 6

At 78,000 miles
Iron 75
Copper 28
Lead 8

Blackstone suggests it could be a turbo problem.

So, my questions are:

How can I determine whether the turbo is failing/about to fail? What tests can I do to check the turbo condition?


What is likely to be the result if it fails when I am towing, out in the booneys somewhere? Just lack of power?

Could there be some other mechanical condition I should be testing for other than the turbo?

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Take your intake tubing off at the turbo, and crank up the truck and turn it off. Hop out and look at wheel, as it slows down there shouldn't be any wobble.
That was the first think I checked. Had about 1/8 wobble, two weeks later it snapped. But it was a good excuse for me to get BBturbo and intake to protect it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smokin.gif
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