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oil contamination of ICP sensor???

First thank each and every one of you for the posts.
Second let me describe the problem(s) with my ahem NEW 2003 6.0 w/160Kmiles, which we thought we were getting a good deal on as it was 4k under average sales prices in area.
It does have an oil leak on top passengers side. didn't know anything about 6.0l's notorious history with issues and "BULLETPROOFING". I traveled 1000 miles from wife and truck to visit my Dad and to get some Better Medical Opinions and assistance with my Disability and am now helping father through Super Storm Sandy Aftermath. My wife called and said that the truck was bucking and stalling. hard sluggish starting even after 10-20 mins idling. when i left i had filled the oil, was leaking a quart or so every 1000-1500 miles. She went to auto parts store and they checked her oil level after the stalling (approx 1500 miles after i left) and they told her it was low and added oil. 12, yes TWELVE, F-ing QUARTS. which I find hard to believe it didn't post a single error, or more likely SEIZE the engine. So my assumption is that they flooded the case with an extra 8-10 quarts or somehow conned her with AIR-OIL, though she swears she watched nim put two 5.5 quart jugs in after she put one quart at gas station. but I cant prove nuttin' as I am 1000+ miles away. She has driven almost another 1500 miles since and the dipstick shows less than 1/2 quart low...But still hard starting and still occasionally sluggish for first 5-10 miles. and yesterday after 3 attempts to start ENGINE light came on. had her stop at auto-zone ran the OBD II and pulled a single p2285 ICP error. made them clear the code (after them b!tching they are not suppose to) just to see if it may of been caused to the failed starting/multiple quick keying on/off/on/off. cause she still ain't use to using a diesel and wants to treat it like a GAS engine (jump in, key on, tear away at 100mph....she has a heavy foot and LOTS of road rage..LOL). she drove the 20 miles home without any other p2285or any other codes that would cause engine light to trigger.

SO...after my long narrative my questions are.....

1) can the oil leak/non-bulletproofing have effected the ICP?
2) can the mysterious missing 12 quarts/overfilling caused ICP damage?
3) can the ICP be causing the hard sluggish starts and stalling and NOT post any errors?
4) what else could be causing the issue(s)?
5) what other JOYS do I have to look forward to with the 6.0. (been building race engines, Nitrous, small engines, electrical. hydraulic for 30+ years...But this is the first DIESEL I'm now responsible to maintain and am disabled 47yr old 6'4 guy who can't walk/bend well (cause according to the posts you need to be short with ape-length arms and child-sized hands to work on this beast)?
6) can anyone figure out where the "F" 12 quarts of oil went?

and finally question #7....the most important question....
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