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Howdy All;

Short time lurker, first time poster ...

Everything here sounds like what is going on with my Born on
07/25/2003 But it's considered a '04 F-250 ext. cab 4X4.
It's still a baby, only just over 101,000 miles. Last Summer I had to have the HPOP snugged up to stop a small oil leak. Now it's doing the I don't feel like leaving the parking slot today routine... :icon_rolleyes:.

The part numbers given ... are they still the same or have they been
And Oh, By-the-way, what are the International part #'s ???

Being not at all familiar with diesels, the acronyms (jumbles of letters),
can be daunting when they are not mentioned in the Haynes manual I've
got. Reckon some things just have to remain (shhhh), Secret. :sneaky:.

Thanks for being here. I'm thinkin' my journey with the F-250 is just

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