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how to store and keep extra engine

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Have a parts truck with good engine needs return lines repaired previous owner burned up starter and or wiring trying to start. Was lucky enough to hear truck run before he screwed it up then got the truck after it would no longer start due to the wiring being melted. Would like to keep engine and front rear axles
what would be the best way to keep this engine? Thought I would remove heads and intake etc then oil down and seal under plastic any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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Don't know why you would want to remove the heads. We stored Cummins and Detroit Diesel engines in our shop warehouse on pallets and did nothing special to them. Some we had overhauled for storage, some were used. Whenever we tore a used one apart to overhaul before putting it in service the bearing surfaces, etc, had just as much oil coating as if they'd just been shut down rather than sitting for a year or two. You might want to pull the glow plugs and shoot a small squirt of oil into each cylinder.
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