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How To: Torqueshift Maintenance?

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Hey guys,

I have over 40k on my 03 and I need to service my transmission. I have the external filter and I am about ready to order some Mercon SP. Can someone fill me in on the right procedures?

I tried searching, but didnt find anything of value.


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My easy way to service tranny

Step 1 Start Truck
Step 2 Go to dealership
Step 3 Pay said dealer $100 to service transmission
Step 4 Go home and do something productive like watch TV instead of working on transmission
Seriously, I looked at the procedure mentioned above and it is not time or cost effective if you have a good dealer anywhere near your location. It cost over $80( just for the 20 qts of fluid) just to get the materials to do the service. I do the fuel filters myself and the air filter, but on these trucks it is not time/cost effective to do the oil or tranny when the dealers price is just above the raw materials cost.

[/ QUOTE ]

There is nothing wrong with doing it this way, however, there are some of us who like to work on our machines and learn new stuff about them. To each his/her own................

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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