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I joined this forum a while back, but never did an introduction. My name is Ace, and I live in Houston, Tx. I'm a FireFighter/Paramedic and I'm about to get married in a year.
Now on to the important stuff!
I have a dark blue/ gray 2000 F250 7.3l extended cab/ long bed 4x4. I have RanchHand bumpers front and rear, an EDGE EZ chip, and a toolbox. Other than that, its mostly stock right now- but I have a few plans for it.
--4" Turbo back exhaust with dual 5" turnout stacks.
--Air intake system.
--Maybe some aftermarket audio stuff. New CD deck, new door speakers, maybe 2 10" subs under the backseat.
That's about it really.
I'm going with the Grand Rock complete turboback exhaust kit for my exhaust.
Possibly the AFE Stage 1 cold air intake system with the AFE torque booster tube.
And I haven't decided on the audio stuff yet.

Well, that's about it. If yall have any ideas or suggestions for my setup- let me know.

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Welcome to TDS Ace! :beerchug:
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