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Hi all, I'm just going to get straight to the question. I have the pump deadheaded with a guage, I just replaced the IPR and cannot get any high pressure, only able to see about 150 psi. I have seen threads where they say the hpop doesn't just go bad, so that leads me to believe it's something else. Please, any suggestions would be wonderful.

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The IPR is the second new IPR I have tried. The origanal was one with the edge filter, then I bought the first new IPR from the dealership, but that one had no edge filter. I didn't know the difference beween the two, but as I found out more I went ahead and bought one with the edge filter. No difference. With the pump already deadheaded, its got to be the pump, IPR or IPR related, I just don't what else to do.

oh btw, I can only here the injectors clicking when the ICP is disconnected.
Wow, thats not what I wanted to hear. Is there any other way to confirm a bad pump? Does anybody make a rebuild kit?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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