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Sunday we finished a 450 mile trip to Lancaster Pa. with our 30' 5th wheel. Monday morning I noticed oil on the leaf springs, then on the ground and then on the entire undercarriage of the truck. The dip stick was dry. My heart was sinking. I added a gallon of oil to get it in the mid range on the stick. At the recommendation of the campground owner I took the truck to New Holland Ford in New Holland, Pa. I told Joe, the "Diesel Service Adviser" my situation and how far from home I was. He couldn't be bothered. Didn't care how far from home I was and wouldn't even take a look. I called Chapman Ford in Lancaster and explained my situation. Mike said no problem, bring it in and we'll take a look. They had it 4 hours, replaced the High Pressure Oil Pump O rings and cleaned the underside of my truck. Cost me the $100 deductible. That's the kind of service you hope to get. I sought out the General Manager to thank him and he was in a meeting with two Ford higher ups. So I told them the whole story and hope they say something to the first shop and give due recognition to Chapman Ford. Any of you guys that live around Lancaster should use Chapman Ford if you need service.
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