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Since I'm pulling out hpop and couldn't find any procedures in the archives, I thought I would post the sequence. I am working on an E-series and have electric fuel pump under vehicle. But I will try to give the low down anyway.

1. Drain 1 gallon of coolant into clean milk container from bottom of
2. Remove air cleaner assemble
3. Remove upper radiator hose
4. Remove serpentine belt. (Just let it hang)
5. Remove dog house (if you are working on a van)
6. Remove turbo, accumulator and fuel filter canister. (Don't think it
is necessary to remove turbo on F-series)
7. Remove heater hose from top of water pump and let it hang aside
8. Remove front plate below hpop resevoir, 2 bolts
9. Remove oil pressure sending unit from top of hpop resevoir
10.Syphon or suck out all oil in resevoir
11.Disconnect EBP sending unit from back of resevoir
12.Remove all nuts bolts and brackets from top of resevoir
13.Disconnect oil temperature sending unit connector mounted on back
side of resevoir
14.Lift off resevoir
15.Syphon remainder of oil out from bottom casting below where
resevoir sat
16.Now comes the fun part. This is how I got the gear bolt off with
no help. With a 1/2" extension bar, 18mm socket and a short
extension, insert socket onto bolt and let the extension bar rest
on the air conditioner compressor. Now get another 1/2" extension
bar, and a 15/16 socket. Crawl under vehicle and insert socket on
crank pulley bolt. Turn engine clockwise and low and behold, your
hpop gear bolt will pop loose.
17.Finish taking out gear bolt making sure the thick washer comes out
with it. (Careful not to let washer fall into engine.
18.Remove 2 hoses connected to hpop
19.Remove IPR
20.Remove 2 bolts (10mm socket) holding hpop
You're done!!

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Not quite there yet. Need to do an exhaust system. I was inquiring about a Squires system hoping to free up a lot of space. Also, hoping it would add an intercooler effect. Not much room directly close to the engine though. Would probably have to mount farther in the back. Then there's the problem of lag, but maybe there would be a plus to all of it. A nice intake could be incorporated also. BTW, who makes QSSB?
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