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Hughson CA sled pull results

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Guy's I am not here to bring home the fact that the top three were all Cummins but most importantly the way the event was handled which pertains to all makes Chevy, Dodge, or Ford:

Top Three:
1. Scott Vorhees
2. James Silva
3. Tom Colosonti

Yep, 23 Trucks one class what a crock of crap. I actually pulled against the lady in the excursion, her daily grocery getter, and lots of other daily drivers. Seemed a little one sided to me.

Here is what I saw; the price to participate in this event had doubled from the previous year. It cost me a total of $80.00, $40.00 to hook with one wrist band for myself, $20.00 for my wife and $20.00 for my son, they are my pit crew and we like to make it a fun family event. Apparently the promoters of this event don’t realize that we have advanced to where it takes, a few on this night, two people just start our trucks, or do they? I was also informed that the cost had also doubled to get in to the bleachers. It was $20.00 for adults and $12.00 for kids. That can be expensive for the average family to attend, two adults and two kids bam you’re at $64.00. It was disorganized to boot.

Please understand that I am normally not one to complain, I can deal with the fact that maybe somebody is trying to get rich off this event. I know that the event was put together by the FFA and maybe all proceeds were donated back to them or simply the Promoter’s pocket, I don’t know. However, I do know for certain that there were no payouts; my $80.00 netted me the $6.00 wall plaque for first place.

I can handle a little confusion and disorganization, no biggie. The part that really gets to me is that everyone was in one class, to me that speaks volumes that they don’t take us seriously!!!!!! The Diesel 4x4 class was the largest class that night and I was left feeling like it was all about the all mighty dollar to the promoters. They simply lumped us into one big generic class. So the tube frame, purpose built, water injected, twin turbo, Rockwell equipped, tilt bodied truck really handed it to the poor lady in the stock Excursion. Stupid !!!!!!

From the very beginning I have been in this sport promoting it and helping with the popularity. From my own perspective I feel that I have done a good job; With self advertising, websites, video’s, magazine exposure etc…. helping folks when I can via private messages, phone calls, e-mail’s, included events, where if you asked what I did to my truck I told you. Also, if you needed pictures of a modification I went out, took them, and sent them to you. If you wanted me to lift the hood at an event I did. I did all of this with the sole purpose to help grow this sport and encourage others to compete.

In my opinion the pull this past Saturday at the Hughson “Fruit and Nut Festival” was a step backwards. The organization who put on this event clearly doesn’t know how far 4x4 diesel truck pulling has come. People were seriously upset that they had paid to get into the pits and found out they were running against the likes of Tom C, James S, and myself and I don’t blame them one bit. Hopefully they will attend another event and will be put into a class were they at least have a chance.

With that being said, I will not and cannot support or pull with organizations that don’t take us seriously or have the knowledge to at least break us up into different classes. We as 4x4 diesel sled pullers need to unite and let these organizations know we are here to stay; we are growing by leaps and bounds, and should be treated, at the very least, like our gasser counterparts at these events. In my opinion if you support these types of organization you’re hurting our sport and not helping it grow. I have chosen, now YOU CHOOSE !!!!!!!!

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That is brutal! and who put this event on so people know who to stay away from.
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