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Well, I am a PowerStroke owner again.
This time a '96 F250 SC.
To be honest, right now, I dont even know exactly what I have.
I live in Nebraska, and so what I have is a rust free truck...and that is REALLY hard to find around I bought what was available. Truck bed has some damage. If I can find one, I would just assume replace the whole bed. We will have to see.

220k miles roughly. Has a t6 chip in it with the stock programming.
They said it has some kind of upgraded Torqu Converter and Shift kit. I dont know anything about that...I will see what I can find out about it tomorrow. has a set of 3 autometer gauges. and pillar mounts. EGT works...Boost works (although gauge goes 0-60 lbs it hardly looks like its moving) and a Tranny temp gauge that doesnt work. I will have to investigate that one more.

I had 2 SuperDuties in the past...but sold the most recent 2 years ago when my wife lost her left eye. Now things are getting back on track a little, and I needed a truck. I sell roofs for a living. Primarily insurance work when there is a hailstorm etc. So this truck will eventually be my daily driver/work truck. Last year I put on 30k miles on my 1500 Dodge ram Hemi. I figured a) the powerstroke will put up with 30k miles a year better. b) This body style gives me something unique out there to drive.

My first order of business is going to be to see what I need to do maintenance wise. So far I think the basics are very solid. Then I will start on the Mods. Basically my plan is either a deep blue or black truck with black accents (bumpers, grill, lights etc) OR chrome ones. Have not decided. What I want is a head turner (looks good in sales to drive a clean sharp truck) but also a little "meaner" look. Wel,l as mean as you can get with a 24' ladder. lol. I will try to get a couple pics up tomorrow. She is not pretty...but I am super excited to have her now.
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