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I be new, but happy to report.....

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I've been lurking around here for many months and finally decided to register and throw in my .02 worth when I feel it will help. Three months ago I purchased an 04 Lariat 250 SD that was built in 11/03. It was a private sale with about 18000 miles on it. The owner was a real cynic about these trucks but he had maintained it quite nicely. It has never seen a dealer so it has the original quiet idle and there wasn't a tweak on it so it hasn't been too abused. The guy was in his 50's so I doubt it was abused at all. After about a month of driving it and getting about 14.8mpg, hand calculated, all around, I did an oil change. The previous owner had always used Rotella 10w-30 and he had Blackstone reports showing that, so I used the same as he gave me an extra 5 gallon pail he had out of his stack he bought awhile ago. While I was changing the oil I decided to check and see if it had the throttle valve plate that is mentioned every once in a while around here. It did, so I removed it. Within 2 weeks my mileage increased from the aforementioned 14.8 to a solid 17.08 and really hasn't wavered since. The other benefit I noticed is that the tranny shifts alot smoother with this plate gone. On a clear road I'll average 75 to 90 and around town it's 0 to 50.
I still can't believe that the throttle valve was choking this thing by about 14%.
Just thought I'd share.
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Just search this site for "throttle plate", you'll find it. I understand it's not on all motors. It is located under the intercooler gooseneck directly in front of the EGR valve. It took me 10 minutes even with cleaning everything before putting it back together. You just loosen the clamps on the top intercooler hose, slide them to the left, remove the three bolts holding the gooseneck down, 6 and 8 mm I believe, lift and pull the gooseneck up and to the left to release it from the hose, look straight down and you'll see a throttle plate, rotate throttle plate down and remove two torx head screws (I used an allen wrench as it was a better fit), rotate throttle plate back up and pull from slot, put gooseneck back on, tighten bolts and clamps and you're done.
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