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I Got Mine!!!

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This is my first post. I am the happy owner of an '08 F250 Crewcab FX4. First off I want to thank all of you who contribute to this forum. I got my truck on thursday which was 3 days earlier than expected. All was well until today (friday, 110mi on odo) when I was out of town for buisness and had the wife take it to work in a neighboring town (Ukiah, California) where she noticed a coolant leak. Shure enough it was a broken clamp on an EGR coolant line. This is what the dealer told her, I have not had a chance to investigate for my self yet. It was a pain in the __ for her, not very helpfull for her opinion of the $45,000 I just spent. Overall I really like this truck. I just wanted to let the rest of you know what happened. If this is the extent of my problems with this truck I will be happy!
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Well thats a darned shame, but I suppose it could have happened on any truck... Lets hope it happens no more!

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