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I got that warm fuzzy feeling...

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After installing a coolant filter from the Dieselsite. :thumbsup: What an easy install! Well worth it. No guess work or running to the parts store.

Has anyone had a EGR Cooler or Oil Cooler failure after installing a coolant filter?
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I dont see how this will avoid EGR cooler failures, the failures are caused from excessive heat from the EGR itself...
A major contributor to EGR cooler failures is low coolant flow to it, which leads to the excessive heat you mentioned. The coolant flows from the pump, through the oil cooler, then directly to the EGR cooler.. The oil cooler passages are small and easily plugged by the junk in the cooling system, thus reducing flow.. Putting a coolant filter on will help catch the junk and thus, keep the oil cooler passages clearer...
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