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I got that warm fuzzy feeling...

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After installing a coolant filter from the Dieselsite. :thumbsup: What an easy install! Well worth it. No guess work or running to the parts store.

Has anyone had a EGR Cooler or Oil Cooler failure after installing a coolant filter?
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I installed the same system in 04 at 8K. Now at 116K with no cooler issues. FYI, be prepared to replace that first filter fairly soon as it cleans the crud out of the system.
10-4. I have pretty low miles on it. Install was at 27k.
I got the optional ball valves and two additional filters. After shipping it came to 174 or so. Granted, I could have built my own kit for less but it just was not worth the hassel. The instructions were easy to understand and the install was rather quick.
Your welcome. Talk to your dealer. I did and they had no problem with me installing a coolant filter.
After 1000 miles I started to notice that the exit hose to the filter was starting to become cooler than the intake hose. I went ahead and changed it. I cut it open and had lots of brown flakes and sludge. I did not notice any sand. It looks like my dealer did a good flush on the system when they did the gaskets.

Seeing all that crap come out just confirmed to me that Ford should have had one of these from the factory. Sorry I dont have any pictures of it. My wife had the camera full of other pictures. Regardless, you folks get the idea.
I dont see how this will avoid EGR cooler failures, the failures are caused from excessive heat from the EGR itself...

General rule of thumb, as long as the EGR cooler is still on your truck, it can and will fail eventually.

Post up some pics of this setup! I've been meaning to do one myself!
So if you don't think its going to help why do you want to get one?

I realize that all mechanical things will fail eventually. Teamroper is correct. This will help extend the life of the EGR and oil cooler.

I will post some pictures for you next time I get my truck out and clear our camera. It is very simple and looks just like the setup on the dieselsite website.
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