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I have never service my brake slide pins - what parts will I need? will be getting new rotors

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Well i have warped rotors and I have never serviced the slide pins. I have 65k and want to replace my rotors and service the slide pins. I have an 02 and hear that the pins have been upgrade and some sort of bracket. Anybody know what I need and what the part numbers are? Thanks
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Don't know about a upgraded bracket but I have always just lubed the pins and it helps. When you take off the caliper pins just use some brake clean to clean the pins and the holes they go in. I used a little compressed air to dry them off. Make sure not to mess up the rubber o rings. I used the Ford OEM caliper pin lube. It comes in a tube and is available at the stealer. Just lube them up and reassemble. There are boots over the ends of the pins just be careful not to tear them.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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