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I joined the big boys club - Monsterbox ordered

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With a little coaxing on the phone today from Bob Riley, I joined the big boys club, albeit a very junior member. Monsterbox is paid for and on it's way.
Let the mods BEGIN! Hurry up and get that thing on a palet Bob!

It came down to that warm fuzzy warranty Bob's got. I've got a very reputable local tranny guy, but he won't warranty it outside of his own shop, and the time was only 12 months compaired to Bob's 24. I liked the fact that if I had a problem out in BFE, and Bob would next day rush a tranny out to where ever I might be AND pay the RnR.

Sorry Larry, can't add me to your BTS list. Besides, that list came off as kinda spooky, anyway.
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Mines sitting on the garage floor, I didn't expect it to get here that early, but with work, wife, and kids, its going in this weekend /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif
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