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I switched out my center console for a factory center jump seat. To accomplish this I had to remove the arm rests, so now I need to replace the covers. I called Ford they said there are 58 different color and seat configuration for the truck and if I use my trim code I'll get new covers with the holes for the arm rests. The suggested solution is to find the correct trim code.

I need a trim code for a 1999 with
Lariat leather package
40/20/40 seat config.
tan in color

the trim code is on the sticker on the drivers door jam. the code is listed under Trim, should be a number.

thanks any help is appreciated

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The sticker on the door jamb should have a section that says INT TR. Mine says 5E.
5 is the color and E is the seat my case E is quad leather captains seats.
If you do a search on here, I remember seeing an interior trim color code chart with the year breakdowns.

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thanks I searched, but didn't find the chart. thanks for the code, mine is med praire tan. I found they made three tans, light, medium and dark praire tan in 99. If anybody else has a code im still in need.

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Look on the VC lable...then to where it says "INT TR" (interior trim). My local Ford parts dept was able to give me the color by the VIN #.

Interior Trim Type
2 — Cloth captains chairs, F Series
3 — Cloth 40/20/40 seats, F Series/Excursion
4 — Leather captains chairs, F Series/Excursion
5 — Leather quad captains chairs, F Series
6 — Cloth captains chairs with integrated restraints, F Series
7 — Leather captains chairs with integrated restraints, F Series
8 — Leather 40/20/40 seats, F Series
9 — Leather 40/20/40 seats with integrated restraints, F Series
B —Leather captains chairs (non-integrated restraints) with rear bench, F Series
C — Cloth bench seat, F Series
D — Cloth 4020/40 seat with integrated restraints, F Series
E — Leather seating, Excursion
F — Cloth captains chairs, Excursion
F — Cloth flight bench seat, F Series
G — High back cloth individual seats, F Series
H — High back individual knitted vinyl seats, F Series
J — High back individual vinyl seats, F Series
K — Knitted vinyl bench seat, F Series
L — 40/20/40 cloth seat, F Series (XLT/Sport)
M — Captains cloth seat, F Series (XLT/Sport)
N — Leather captains chairs, Excursion
P — Leather captains chairs with vinyl rear bench seat, F Series (XLT/Sport)
R — Leather quad captains chairs, F Series (King Ranch)
S — Dual leather captains chairs, F Series (King Ranch)
T — Individual 40/20/40 vinyl seats, F Series
V — Vinyl bench seat, F Series
W — 40/20/40 cloth seats, F Series
X — Cloth captains chairs, F Series (XLT/Sport)
Y — Leather captains chairs, F Series

Interior Trim Color

B—Black?, F-Series?
D—Dark? Flint, F-Series?
E — Medium Flint, F Series/Excursion
H — Medium Parchment, F Series/Excursion
H — Medium Pebble (2005)

This is copied and pasted...may or may not be correct. I didnt copy it from here , but you can cross refference.

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Here's the Interior trim codes from my 99 Service CD - specifically for F250-550 Pickups

Interior Trim

V — Vinyl bench
K — Knitted vinyl bench
C — Cloth bench
F — Flight bench (Mexico only)
M — Full bench (Mexico only)
3 — Cloth 40/20/40
8 — Leather 40/20/40
2 — Cloth captains chairs
4 — Leather captains chairs
5 — Leather quad captains chairs

Interior Color Codes

X — Medium Prairie Tan
2 — Medium Graphite
D — Denim Blue

I tried to order a factory seat cover for my truck as the left side seam was frayed where my butt slides over it. Tousley Ford got me the PN, but unfortunately said that it had been discontinued and a stock search came up empty. Getting interior trim stuff for 11-12 yr old trucks can be tough.

Hopefully you'll be more successful with the dealer.

I managed to find an upholsterer that had some of the stock material and he repaired it for me.

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The Order Guide for a '99 SuperDuty pickup confirms that the interior code is 8X for a Lariat 40.20.40 split bench with color medium prairie tan.

But as KL said, Ford no longer has seat covers for '99s. They stop stocking soft parts after about 8 to 10 years, and your truck is more than 10 years old.

A coupla years ago I couldn't find OEM seat covers for my '99.5 with cloth seats and interior code 3X, so I ordered a close match from a seat cover manufacturer.
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