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I need to freshen up my truck... Need info

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I have been trying to research what needs to get done to freshen up my truck. It has 309k on it.
I have been checking out It seems like most is legit. But has anyone had any luck with his maintenance and upgrade suggestions?
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there is lots of stuff that can/need to be done in these truck for maintenance. make sure all oil are changed when they should (engine, trans, transfer case, diff and power steering), fuel filter change each 2 engine oil change, ......

Welcome to guzzle's Ford PSD Web Pages as some good maintenance info like the hub needle bearing, auto hub lube, ....

not really familiar with so can't comment on it.

you can always look for any play in steering component, ball joint, u-joint, bushing, ....

consider a couple mod like hutch/harpoon mod, door seal mod, snowman mod (not sure the name of that one),.....

Also if you fill up you signature with your truck and what you have on it, it will help people not to offer some stuff you already have on it
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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